Numerous wildfires in Canada, as well as a handful in New Jersey are greatly affecting the air quality here in New Jersey and surrounding areas (including Ohio). The smoke started to come in yesterday and it's getting worse by the hour today.

I went outside with Cassie for a few minutes during our lunch hour and snapped a few photos. The air is very hazy and the smell of wood burning is very strong. Don't want to be out in it for too long. We may be stuck with this for a couple days, if we don't get any rain to clear it up.

Below are some photos and a couple article links, if you want to read more about it. In the last photo, the small bright orange dot is actually the sun. It's a bit eerie looking, almost like we are having an eclipse.

Dog standing on patio in backyard with a backdrop of trees and haze from the wildfires.
Trees against the hazy orange sky caused by the wildfires.
Grass and trees along with the hazy air caused by the wildfires.
It looks like an eclipse with the bright orange sun hidden behind the haze from the wildfires causing an orange sky.