Where To Find My Art

You can also find my art, pattern designs and photography in the shops listed below.
Grateful and thankful to have the privilege of calling you, Mom, greeting card displayed on a wood background surrounded by flowers and fabric.

Etsy Shop

Greeting cards, art prints, hand painted ornaments and more are available in my Etsy Shop.

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A table with a tablecloth adorning my cream-colored Flowers & Birds pattern design.

Spoonflower Shop

My pattern designs are available on fabric, wallpaper and home decor items in my Spoonflower Shop.

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Framed art print of a colored pencil drawing reproduction of a squirrel eating seeds on a backyard deck.

Pixels Shop

My art, photography and pattern designs are available on many products including wall art, phone cases, throw pillows, shower curtains, mugs, jigsaw puzzles and more in my Pixels Shop.

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